Increase CNC Router Performance by Improving Vacuum Clamping with Gasketing Products and Techniques

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, August 23 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Location: B311

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Presented By: All*Star CNC Products, Inc.


Hold it better.  Cut it better.  Profit better.

When it comes to holding parts on a CNC Router, vacuum is the most common (and often only) method being used today.  With that being the case, why not maximize a vacuum's performance if vacuum is the ONLY thing holding parts? 

Shops will source everything from Routers, to software, to tooling, to material, to employees and customers.  But when it comes time to actually cutting parts fast and effectively, was the router able to do it, yes or no?  If parts are too small, or onion skins or tabs are needed, or feed rates are painfully slow, or material is being wasted, time is being wasted on re-setting up than we need to improve the vacuum's ability.  All of these issues could be eliminated if we could hold parts better.  Gasketing products and solutions are the only way to improve a vacuum system's performance. 

 In this session we will learn how to eliminate vacuum pressure loss with gasketing products and techniques.  Whether it is small parts or large, production runs or custom work, wood or plastic, big vacuum systems or small, the same science always applies to eliminate vacuum pressure loss and we do this with gasketing products and techniques. 


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