The New World and Vision of Manufacturing Software

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, August 24 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Location: B311

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Presented By: ARDIS US


Control CNC machines in a more flexible way, Increase yield with new optimization technology, decrease throughput time in your production …   Those are just a couple of things you will learn in this highly interactive session.

Manage instructions for CNC machines & edgebanding lines in one central platform

Production facilities with complex, multi-brand machinery, often integrated in an automated line, pose a real challenge for engineers. How to get the right data in the right file format to the right machine at the right time? It becomes even more complex when the CNC-instructions come from multiple sources such as CAD/CAM-software, ERP-systems, CAD-software or just scribbled onto a piece of paper. Indeed, what if the source data is in the MPR-format and you need to send it to a machine that requires the CIX-format? Moreover, production companies tend to have multiple production strategies, each of these strategies distributing the CNC-information over multiple machines in a different way. Edgebanding lines, for example, have the capability of performing some CNC-operations, but not for every part in your project. How do you handle this? And what if you need feedback on decisions taken and post it to your ERP-system?  As the complexity of production environment increases, so do the requirements for the software that manages all these instructions.

Watch this short demo movie on how ARDIS® flexibly manages your CNC-instructions

Increase your optimization yield with the latest state-of-the-art algorithms

Material prices are on the rise everywhere in the world. And so is the demand for software that enables you to take the maximum out of these valuables. Though optimization software is not new in the market, huge steps have been taken in terms of its performance in the last couple of years. In close collaboration with some top European universities new state-of-the-art algorithms were developed. These have already been successfully implemented at some renowned production facilities, including in the United States. Each time the combination of new algorithms & more intelligent batch composition resulted in an average yield increase of +5%!

Keep a better overview on your production & production planning

In a production environment not everything runs as smoothly as foreseen. Rush orders might come in and mess up the planning. Parts get broken and need to be reproduced as quickly as possible. Customers are chasing you on the phone asking about the current status of their projects. All of this results in a lot of communication problems that upset both operators on the shopfloor and project managers in the office, imposing a burden on their overall productivity. More and more businesses in the industry invest in software that keeps the overview of their production, provides a live and up-to-date production planning, and ensures that the right instructions are transferred to the right people at the right time. However, in the search for the right MES or Manufacturing Executions System, companies need to be wary of the fact that not all these systems are tailored to the needs of the sheet-cutting industry. For example, can the software handle the link between full sheets, cutting patterns, parts with their specific CNC-operations, and the grouping of these parts on trolleys or in other buffering stations? Is the software capable of interacting directly with multiple machines (automatic warehouses, beam saws, CNC-machines …) often from different brands and integrated in automated line?

Watch three short interviews with Bern De Lille on Manufacturing Execution Software (MES-systems).

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