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About abcd, jr. enterprises, LLC

Aging in Place has become a buzz word that, in the opinion of inventor Richard D. Cornell, has lost its impact, its urgency, and its identity. Other than a few ornaments and bells and whistles, not much has changed in this segment of the industry over the past 15-20 years. With his introduction of a modular system of cabinetry he intends—and expects—to rectify that disappointment by striking at the very core of the issue of aging, as well as virtually all other aspects of physical challenges in the home, whether due to aging, or to traumatic injury, or to genetics. Millennials4Life, and its parent company, abcd, jr. enterprises, LLC, was formed to focus on the needs in the home of the physically challenged, either in the present or in the future. The idea for Millennials4Life was chosen because, of all the people now living, Millennials form the hub. The oldest among us are the great grandparents and grandparents of the Millennials, and the youngest are their children and grandchildren. And while Millennials—just like all people who have at some point been in that general age group—may think that their own physical limitations are decades away, they are right now having to contend with the difficulties currently faced by their immediate forebears. And, of course, they always stand the chance of being T-boned by a truck in an intersection, thereby hastening their introduction to the myriad obstacles that come with being confined to a wheel chair, or other physically cumbersome conveyance. Richard observed the physical deterioration of his mother, who died in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) just shy of her 96th birthday. Prior to that he observed the struggles of his wife as she underwent two (2) total knee replacement surgeries in the space of a few months, as well as his own back-to-back shoulder surgeries. He knows a little bit about coping with impediments on both the short term (rehab) and long term basis. Therefore: his industry changing inventions (three [3] patents are pending) now being introduced at the IWF in August. The inventions comprise a system of cabinetry which can work either independently or in concert to alleviate many of the barriers which confront the physically challenged virtually every minute of every day. The system is accessible, modular, and adaptable. In other words, Richard’s system is designed to adapt to, and accommodate, the user rather than require the user to adapt to, and accommodate, the cabinetry. And for the hospitality industry it is the cost saving application which will return the investment many times over. In that sense it is truly a no brainer. As individuals transition through the four (4) seasons of life they have a range of changing needs and requirements. This cabinetry system recognizes and plans for those changes. It is not new, as in evolutionary: it is NEW, as in REVOLUTIONARY! The website will be periodically updated as the IWF Show approaches. Please either subscribe to be notified of updates or check back occasionally.

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