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About IFS Coatings

IFS Coatings manufacture high quality powder coatings in a range of chemistries, including the NEW PureClad Powders for heat sensitive substrates like engineered and natural wood. Traditionally, applying powder to non-metal, or heat sensitive substrates has had limited success. After significant investment and technical development, IFS Coatings has developed PureClad, a range of powder coatings suitable for non- metal substrates. The IFS Pureclad range offers a choice of low cure powder chemistries that will deliver outstanding technical performance, including excellent adhesion; scratch, mar and peel resistance and flexibility. Unlike traditional low-cure chemistry, with Pureclad there’s no need to compromise on production speed, efficiency, or technical performance. PureClad powders exhibit excellent temperature stability and can be safely stored at room temperatures. They are also easy to apply, displaying excellent flow, which results in a beautiful finish. The cure process, which takes as little as 6 minutes in a catalytic IR oven at only 265F°, is sufficiently low to accommodate standard MDF as well as many natural wood materials. It is also designed with the flexibility necessary to accommodate the deformation of wood that occurs overtime, especially in humid environments with significant temperature variation, such as kitchens and bathrooms. What’s more, in most applications, one layer of PureClad powder is sufficient. The process of coating and curing is completed quickly - in only about 7-10 minutes – an extremely favorable comparison with liquid paints, which most often require multiple layers that must be cured and sanded before the next layer can be applied. PureClad powder coatings also offer a more environmentally friendly option, unlike liquid paints. PureClad powders have no harmful VOC emissions; and have the lowest carbon footprint of any industrial coating technology. Powders cure at lower temperatures thus reducing energy consumption. With sustainability at the forefront of product design, this is an exciting benefit. Technical performance and aesthetic properties are equally important. Pureclad powder coatings are available in a range of colors and can be formulated to achieve a variety of textures and effects that other finishing options simply cannot achieve. As such, PureClad powders can be used on a huge array of end use applications, which include, but are not limited to cabinetry, furniture, residential cladding, moldings, and wood doors.

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  • Cabinetry: Commercial and Institutional
  • Cabinetry: Kitchen & Bath, Drawer and or Cabinetry Doors
  • Closets/Organization Systems
  • Coverings and Panels - materials and processing
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