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About Biele S.A.

Biele is a European company providing state-of-the art turnkey projects for several domains related to the Woodworking Industry including their own manufactured hydraulic presses. Biele has consolidated its presence in North America, installing manufacturing lines for leading companies in various sectors and increasing the work team and capacity of its subsidiary Biele USA in Atlanta (Georgia), opened in 2.015. Biele is organized for developing, for manufacturing, for installing and for commissioning at the customer’s site production lines with a high level of technical complexity, but always from a customized and innovative perspective. For Panel manufacturers, Biele will show in IWF the last innovations related to the pressing operations for plywood, HPL and EIR technology. In Plywood, Biele’s main expertise starts after the drying operation up to the final packaging of the line, including lay-up lines, pre-press and multiopening presses, trimming and packaging. Also before the dryer, Dewatering Presses have been proved as a way of big saves in energy consumption as the drying time is minimized. For Furniture manufacturers, Biele will show last generation lines focused in the High Speed Feeding and Stacking systems (up to 30 cycles/min), Fully automatic Outsorting and Insorting Systems, and Fully Automated Packing Lines organized in a modular way in order to fit with the customer’s requirements as they can be installed in different stages. Regarding Door industry, Biele manufactures Turnkey Complete Lines, both for Residential doors and Architectural Doors. Biele is flexible to customer's needs, in a way that the projects can be focused to both high produciton rates with big batch sizes and smaller production rates where every door can be different from the next one (batch size 1). In the last years Biele has become an expert in Complete Turnkey Press Lines for manufacturing Lightboard Panels using different type of glues for the bonding operation, as i.e.: PVAC and PUR. Besides, Biele by means of its Building Division, has been developing and producing turnkey lines for companies processing materials like gypsum, fiber cement, mineral fiber and fiber glass, starting from the motherboard, up to the final stacking, boxing and palletizing, with high output and flexible performance, according to customers’ needs. Also, using 4.0 Industry concepts Biele provides to the customer a higher control of the processes by means of a bigger volume of processed information. These technologies can also be adapted to each customer’s expectations and requirements.

Product Categories

Business Categories

  • Countertops
  • Doors and Windows: Manufacturing/Design
  • Engineered Products
  • Machinery, Tooling, Metals
  • Veneers and Laminates, Wood and Non-wood


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